Virgilio Neves is graduated from the School of Communications and Arts at USP. He became a specialist in Art History at FAAP in 2010 and completed his master's degree in Theory of Art at UNESP in 2019. He has extensive experience in the production and study of images. For many years he was art director for major communication agencies in São Paulo. But from 2013 he began to dedicate himself entirely to his career as a visual artist through drawing and painting. He participated in several individual and collective exhibitions in Brazil and in projects in London and Innsbruck, Austria. His learning over time came through approximations with Carlos Fajardo, Sandra Cinto, Paulo Pasta and Sérgio Romagnolo, artists who encouraged him to see new possibilities in the territory of art. Since then, his search has been to obtain in the forms he produces, sensations of lightness and volatility through lines, colors, light and transparencies. Something he calls "Volatilismos", the name of his second individual show in São Paulo in 2016. As much as the works today bring different themes and techniques, it is through the search for the volatility of the forms that he seeks to build his poetics.

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Virgilio Neves/ Visual Artist


1984 – Graduated  at Escola de Comunicações e Artes/ USP/ Brasil

2011 – Postgraduated/ Latu-Sensu in Art History/FAAP/SP/ Brasil

2017 - Master of Arts/ Stricto Sensu in Art Theory/ UNESP/IA/SP/ Brasil. ( in course).


Artistic Orientation


1985 – Theorical and Pratical Course: 4 Signatures : Van Gogh, Matisse, Paul Klee e and Picasso/ MASP/SP/ Gilson Pedro

1986/87 - Drawing/ Carlos Alberto Fajardo

1988 - Watercolor/ MAM-SP/ Norberto Stori

1999 – Painting/ MUBE/ SP/ Vera Martins

1999 – Painting/MUBE/ SP/ Sérgio Romagnolo

1999/2001/ Painting /MUBE/ SP/ Paulo Pasta

2001 – Painting/ MUBE/ SP/ Hidelbrando de Castro

2002 – Drawing/ FAAP/ SP/ Sandra Cinto

2008 – Member of  Luise Weiss Group / Art and Memory/ Santa Marcelina University / SP

2014 – Painting with Stencils/ Walls and Paintings/ Monica Nador/ Oswald de Andrade Institute/ SP




2002 - 1ª Group Exhibition/ MUBE/ SP/ Curated by Ricardo Rezende

2003 - 2ª Group Exhibition/ MUBE/SP

2003 - Group Exhibition/ Chapel Art Show/SP

2004 - Group Exhibition/ Chapel Art Show/SP

2004 - 1st  Petit Format Art Salon/ Espaço C. P. da América Latina/ SP - selected artist/ 31/05 to 04/06.

2005 - 1ª Cow Parade /SP

2007 - 1ª Group Exhibition/ POP Gallery and Library/SP

2008 - Group Exhibition of Sketchbooks / POP Gallery and Library/ SP

2012 - Group Exhibition: Intimate Space/ Insbruck/ Austria/ (Brazilian Artist selected for the “Art Project for the Olympic Games/ 2012” by Georgia Creimer )

2014 - Hipnoses Exhibition / first individual  show at Galeria Vila Nova, with 12 paintings curated by Bianca Boeckel

2014 - Group Exhibition "Entreflores e Entre Linhas" / Galeria Vila Nova/ Curated by Bianca Boeckel.

2014 - Artist selected for the Group Exhibition ARTE 117- Casa do Olhar Luiz Sacilloto/ Santo André/ SP/ Curated by Enock Sacramento.

Coordenation: Carmem Pousada.

2015 - Artist selected for the collection of Marcelo Torres / RJ

2016 - APCA ( Association of Art Critics of São Paulo) - work donated to 2016 Auction.

2016 - Volatilismos Exhibition. Indvidual Show with 11 paintings at  Galeria Vila Nova. from 12/05 to 22/06/16. Curated by Bianca Boeckel.

2016 - Paintings and drawings selected for The Kaza Magazine Show/ Offices Lindenberg/ Erica D'Avila Showroom (architect). From May to August-2016

2017- Painting selected for Sierra Maison Show/ Project Second Floor/ by Newton Lima (architect). From abril to may- 2017

2017 - Selected artist for the Mostra da Jornada de Pesquisa em Arte PPG/ Unesp/ 2nd Internacional Edition.

2017 - Selected Artist for Poesia Viva VIII/ 8º Certame de Poesia Visual da Unesp/ 3 Visual poems awarded .

2017 - Individual  Exhibition "Volatilismos in London: 4 Paintings by Virgilio Neves". K&M Chelsea, 515 Kings Road. Chelsea. Londres.

2018 - 1º Unesp Painting Festival/Unesp/Instituto de Artes/ SP/ Brazil/ Group Exhibition. 12 a 22/03/2018.

2018 - Casa Cor Itapema/ Santa Catarina/Brazil. 06/06 a 22/07/2018.

2018 - Group Exhibition Per Se - Galeria Vila Nova - 27/06 a 31/07/2018.

2018 - Open Stúdio PO3TICAS 2018 - 28 /07/2018.

2018 - Casa Cor Florianópolis/ Santa Catarina/Brazil. 14/10 a 25/11/2018.

2019 - 2º Unesp Painting Festival/Unesp/Instituto de Artes/ SP/ Brazil/ Group Exhibition. 09 a 16/03/2019.

2020 - "Artist talks about artist"/ Bianca Boeckel Galeria. April, 7th /instagram

2020 - Artist selected for the 25th Edition of the Salão de Artes Visuais de Vinhedo. Exhibition Center and Art Gallery ‘Edilson Caldeira ', Vinhedo. SP / Brazil - 09/28 to 10/25/2020.

2020 - Group Exhibition "Arte da Lembrança"/ Bianca Boeckel Gallery/ from 24 to 30/11.

2020 - Artist selected for the 6th National Salon of Contemporary Art in Guarulhos. Adamastor Municipal Education Center. Guarulhos. SP / Brazil - 06/12/2020 to 03/07/2021.

2021 - Artist selected for the 2nd Arttere Art Show 'Iminência / Distanciamento'. Online event. Arttere Gallery. Collective exhibition curated by Diego Castro. April 2021

2021 - Artist selected for the 1st International Show Between Lobo and Cão. Online event. Florianópolis. SC / Brazil. Visual Arts Sector of the State University of Santa Catarina (UDESC). 03/23 to 06/26/2021.




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The SP Cow Parade Book / 2005/ page 46

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2016 APCA Auction Art Book (Association of Art Critics of São Paulo) with the painting "Gaia".

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Video about the work Supernovas, produced by the French Plataform Iandê ( La Photographie Brésilienne à Paris)  august, 2020.